Positive organizations are better at change, more innovative, competitive, profitable, but also contributing more to the world.
If you influence one person, one interaction at a time, you, too, contribute to positive change!

This pragmatic and well-researched book focuses on what you can personally do to develop a positive culture, whether you have a leadership position or not.
Based on renowned models and research, you’ll see how to engage your co-workers with Interaction Interventions or Change Circles, so that people and performance can thrive.

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  • Does your organization need to be more innovative, competitive, agile, and productive? Are employees disengaged? As a leader, you can develop a positive culture to help people and performance thrive.
  • Do you hate going to work on Monday? As an employee, you can influence your boss, co-workers, and clients by positive interactions (or find a better place to thrive). Remember: one candle can light a room.
  • Do your clients wear you out? As a consultant, or coach – you can help them develop a positive, productive culture.

It’s exciting to see what can happen if you develop a positive culture. People and performance start to thrive! This book is for leaders and employees, for colleagues and clients, for consultants and coaches.


Part 1 What & why of Positive Culture and Change
What is Culture and why does it matter?
Why develop a Positive culture?
Which culture tools can you use?
What should change?

Part 2 Who: Personal Preparation
Personal Preparation: Who should change first?

Part 3 How: Interaction Interventions
Interactions: How do you interact?
Interventions: with whom and how?
Interaction Interventions for leaders

Part 4 How: Change Circles
Why and how to use Change Circles?
Change Circles in Action

Throughout the book, I’ve added questions for reflection. I’d like you to engage with what you read and to answer them. I’d love for you to be a creator, become active and do something about your workplace culture.
If you answer the questions, you’ll create a great resource with observations and insights that you can use as a start to develop a positive culture at work. If you buy the book, you’re entitled to download the free work book!

If you influence one person, one interaction at a time, you contribute to positive change in your organization. Are you a positive agent?

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