Whoa – all of a sudden the year draws to a close. It went fast! What did you learn? What did you love? What energized you? What would you like more of?

This blog’s best articles on Positive Culture so far might inspire you for a New, Positive work year ahead:

A Positive Culture pays off

Is there proof that culture determines performance? Yes, a lot! This article explores some research and cases. Positive is productive. It affects the business bottomline.

Can you contribute to a Positive Culture?

Do you matter? Can you influence or change the organization where you work? How are you contributing to your team? Check out how you matter, and how you could start to add more positivity today.

Ready to catch Organizational Culture?

What do the routine, mundane interactions within your organization tell you about the current culture? And what can you do to develop a (more) positive culture? Catch and influence culture while you can!

Personal Positive Power to develop your Culture

Often, people are waiting for the boss to create a vision, to solve the problems, or to give permission. Or they feel unsafe in a hierarchy and hide to protect themselves. What if your personal positive power could make a difference?

Positive Culture: Attention for People

Appreciative attention for people helped this client lower their absenteeism. Simple things can make a difference and help develop a more positive culture. How absent or present are you at work?

What is working Well?

What is working well? Do you appreciate that enough? If you focus on problems to solve, your team might be mediocre. Have you considered amplifying what is working well? See these examples of others. What about your workplace?

Interaction interventions in Corporate Culture

Does your culture need courage? You often need courage to speak up for what you value. What do you say or do when a co-worker is not valued…? Do you use interaction interventions?

Time is precious. Take action of you dread Mondays

Why do I care about contributing to positive organizations? Maybe because I know what it’s like to be “doing time” within a locked building, ruled by the clock. Here’s an interview about my Why with Carrie Koens of the LeadChange blog. What do you care about?

I hope this list is helpful! Keep shining, you Positive Agents!

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