Positive leadership is a research-based, proven approach to leading teams and organizations. Based on insights of positive psychology, positive leaders see positive potential and facilitate “positive deviance” or sustainable high performance.

Positive leaders foster a positive culture at work. Positive does not mean “happy-bunny” but strength-based, resilient, productive, innovative, agile, with the speed of trust.

The Positive Leadership Track

The Positive Leadership Track is for individual leaders of all levels who want to develop a productive, positive, culture. Focus on how you lead and add five consulting calls to this Academy.

You’ll get lifetime access to the curriculum of the online Positive Culture Academy. The PCA is based on the research-based and practical book “Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive We cover: positive culture, culture diagnosis, and change, organizational change, positive leadership, interaction interventions, meeting interventions, change circles, personal development for influencers, and leadership practices.

The regular curriculum is offered as 22 lectures (streaming online video), downloadable checklists, a dialogue in a private group, and practicing with a partner (if you like). The Positive Leadership Track proposes a shorter track through the videos (but you are free to watch them all) and adds five individual coaching/consulting calls.

Five Themes

  1. Introduction to Positive Leadership and Culture
  2. Preparation: Self-leadership
  3. Change, organization, and leadership paradigms
  4. Interactions for positive leaders
  5. Meetings and team practices for positive leaders

Five Coaching/consulting Calls

In addition, you have five private 30-minute video calls with author and consultant Marcella Bremer. We can conduct these sessions by theme or look at a positive leadership issue that is relevant at the time of the call.

The Positive Leadership Track is self-paced so you can go as fast or slow as you like. A realistic time frame is 3 to 4 months, depending on your workload.

Positive Outcomes

As a positive leader, you’ll help yourself and your team(s) to:

  • Notice and amplify what is already working well
  • Improve performance toward “positive deviance.”
  • Contribute more and better ideas and energy to the team/organization
  • Collaborate more and support others
  • Take ownership of actions and outcomes
  • Align values and purpose with the organization
  • Benefit from the art of dialogue
  • Be agile and ready to change if needed
  • Learn from mistakes, experiment, fail fast and innovate
  • Ask critical questions to improve plans, ask more, and assume less
  • Be authentic, open, and trust the team

After engaging in the program:

  • You’ll know how to be, think, feel, and act as a Positive Leader
  • Your team or organization could develop a more positive, productive culture
  • The team’s performance could tend toward positive deviance
  • Agility and change-readiness tend to go up
  • Innovation, learning and creativity might increase
  • Collaboration and support may improve
  • Engagement and ownership might surprise you
  • People tend to have more fun, be faster and develop their potential

Who’s your guide?

Marcella Bremer MScBA is an author and culture & change consultant. She helps leaders, HR-professionals, consultants, and associates contribute to a positive workplace.

Interested in The Positive Leadership Track?

Please email Marcella. We’d be happy to answer your questions or schedule a call before you enroll.

The Positive Leadership Track is 997 USD. We’ll send you a link to pay and you’ll receive your access details to the Academy and how to schedule your five calls with Marcella Bremer.

Lead your culture to be (more) positive so that people and performance can thrive.

Here’s what others say about the Academy:

“I like the easy style and manageable chunks. The Academy is thought-provoking, refreshing, and energizing.”
Frances Clayton, Change Manager, Middle-East

“This Academy is very actionable. I appreciate the personal preparation work.”
Crystal Sittser, Manager Internal Controls, USA

“The videos are good, and the checklists make me think about what I can apply. This Academy is motivating, thoughtful, applicable.”
Dolores Fabregas, Regional sales manager, USA

“This Academy is based on research and is practical. The questions form an excellent checklist to diagnose a situation and find paths for change. Very insightful.”
Claude Emond, Management Consultant, Canada

“The videos are great. This course gives us tools and talking points! Insightful, methodical, achievable! I love the way Marcella presents and how she uses examples from her own experience.”
Samantha Schreiner, People Operations (HR) Professional, USA

“It’s systematic and practical. The videos are well-researched and to the point. Let’s keep this Academy tribe together!”
Kanna Krishnan, Senior Director of Human Resources, Malaysia

“High-quality content delivered in digestible bits. Inspiring!”
Vadivu Govind, Consultant, Singapore