Positive organizations are developed by leaders who embrace a “positive organic mindset”. They know how to enhance Positive Awareness, Connection and Collaboration, Learning and Autonomy, and a Shared Meaningful Purpose: the four elements of a positive, productive culture!

Positive does not mean “happy-bunny” but: strength-based, resilient, productive, innovative, agile, with the speed of trust.

Positive Leader Workshop onsite

In this onsite workshop, based on the online Positive Culture Academy, we’ll spend one (or more) interactive day to practice, for instance:

  1. Becoming aware of your current beliefs and mindset
  2. Understanding what the positive-organic mindset entails and why it matters
  3. Preparation to positive self-leadership
  4. Understanding transactional versus transformational relationships
  5. Increasing your personal positivity ratio
  6. Improving the quality and quantity of your interactions
  7. Understanding and using possibility-oriented questions
  8. Discovering the positive energizers in your organization
  9. Finding what is working well and how to amplify that
  10. Understanding Silence, violence, dialogue as interaction patterns
  11. Learning how to respond to restore safety
  12. How to liberate your meetings
  13. How to use positive practices in your team

The specific contents can be customized according to your wishes.

The workshop day can be designed as a complementary practice day for people who have done the online In-company Academy or the Positive Leadership Track.

Without access to the online curriculum, we need to present some theory and tools before leaders can practice. This means that we can’t cover as much as when you include online access as well.

With the online curriculum

It works great to combine the onsite Positive Leader Workshop with the online Positive Culture Academy. The Academy covers the theory and tools of: positive culture, culture diagnosis, and change, organizational change, positive leadership, interaction interventions, meeting interventions, change circles, personal development for influencers, and leadership practices. The curriculum is based on the research-based and practical book “Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive“. The regular curriculum entails 22 lectures (streaming online video), downloadable checklists, a dialogue in a private Linkedin group, partner work, and you can add (optional) video calls with Marcella Bremer.

After the workshop you’ll know how to be, think, feel, and act as a Positive Leader. You have ideas of how to elevate your team and how to “walk the talk”.

This workshop is for leaders up to middle management level.

Who’s your guide?

Marcella Bremer MScBA is an author and international consultant. She helps leaders, HR-professionals, consultants, and associates contribute to a positive workplace.

Interested in the onsite Positive Leader Workshop?

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Help your organization be (more) positive so that people and performance can thrive!