Happiness for Calvinists

The Dutch professor Ruut Veenhoven of the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization has been researching happiness for decades. His research is exciting and aligns with the positive leadership research. Let's take a look at why happiness matters and how you can have more of it…! Veenhoven defines happiness as long-term…

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The Healing Organization

Would you like to work at a healing organization that alleviates suffering and elevates joy? Raj Sisodia's latest book describes a positive culture, with positive leadership - and offers organizations a calling: to contribute to healing. But should organizations heal - and what, who, and how? Aren't organizations meant to…

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Powers of Organizations

Being aware of your power and how power alters your own and others' reactions helps to handle power well. This is important for everyone that wants to develop a positive culture at work. If you want to look at your personal power: check my first post about power. In this…

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Positive Self Leadership: Progress, not Perfection

What's keeping you from developing positive (self-)leadership? The list of advantages is compelling. Positive leaders are authentic, open, transparent, trustworthy. They coach and support self and others, they see what is working well and try to amplify that. They give people feedback to keep going and to improve. They're not…

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