Interview: “A positive shift at work”

Mary Meston is the VP of Talent Management (Executive Coaching and Leadership Development) of a technology-enabled global business services company specializing in customer engagement and improving business performance for some of the world's best brands. The Positive Culture Academy inspired her work, so I interviewed her about how she helps…

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Positive Leaders: Pick your problems and values

The concept of positive organizations, culture, and leaders is often misunderstood. It’s equated to happy-bunny fake smiles or being too soft on the slackers in your team or denial of life’s hard parts. Positive refers to a positive outlook on the problems in life and work, to being authentic (including…

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Positive Culture and Ego needs

Do you aim for an open, inclusive, diverse, and positive culture in a flat organization, where all employees take ownership and feel responsible, proud, and motivated? A workplace that benefits from different perspectives and positive criticism? That’s agile and ready for innovation and change? A culture that embraces learning, and…

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