Culture: Working with idiots?

We all have days that it seems we have to work with idiots. Of course, that’s not true! Sometimes we have more difficulty coping with different styles. That’s okay. As long as we don’t blame the others - but catch ourselves before we do and adjust communication. Thomas Erickson explains…

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Lonely? Cultures of working too hard

How busy are you? How supported do you feel? How much time can you make to have conversations that matter - with friends, family, co-workers? Honestly, how lonely do you feel? It's a pattern in modern economies. Life can be demanding, at work and at home. The pace is high.…

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Culture: Diversity and Inclusion
Culture: Diversity and Inclusion

Culture: Diversity and Inclusion

Culture: Diversity and Inclusion When we're working with organizational culture we aim to develop a culture that helps the organization achieve its goals and be successful in the long run. Safety Psychological safety is an essential ingredient of a positive and productive culture. This safety helps people to speak their…

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Culture: Relations with co-workers

Relations with co-workers As I attended a comedy show from a relational therapist, what struck me was how much this applied to culture, leadership and collaboration at work… You bond with co-workers and you want to achieve goals together, just like at home. You’re in a relationship with co-workers. Others…

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Ethical Culture at work
ethical culture at work

Ethical Culture at work

Ethical is the most important face of the future. Ethics is at the heart of being human; to have purpose, ideals, direction, vision, and spirituality. Ethics is also about corporate behavior, expected conduct, compliance, regulations, and the boundaries of what is acceptable. Here's part 2, based on futurist Patrick Dixon's…

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Organizational Culture remains Tribal

New beginnings! What will the future bring? Futurist Patrick Dixon summarizes the "six faces of the future" in his book "The future of almost everything" as: Fast - the speed of change, AI, robotics, volatile, everything connected to everythingUrban - urbanization, demography, fashions, fadsTribal - nations, culture, social networks, brands,…

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