Organizational Culture remains Tribal

New beginnings! What will the future bring? Futurist Patrick Dixon summarizes the "six faces of the future" in his book "The future of almost everything" as: Fast - the speed of change, AI, robotics, volatile, everything connected to everythingUrban - urbanization, demography, fashions, fadsTribal - nations, culture, social networks, brands,…

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The best on culture and leadership – 2019

It's time to wind down, take care of yourself, and rekindle the relationships with friends and family. If you like to spend some December downtime on reflection, reading, and recharging, read the seven best leadership articles of this past year. What will you do next year? Which one inspires you…

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Positive Teams and People: Purpose

If you've been a long-time reader of my work, you know that my work on positive organizations is also inspired by Charles Eisenstein. He's a thought leader on the big questions of our time, talking about economics, climate crisis, and humanity. He's looking for an antidote for the scientific narrative…

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Shut Up or Speak Up – Part 2

By Graham Williams & Justin Kennedy Welcome to part 2 of this article on Psychological safety, based on extensive research (in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics and business science) and practical experience in consulting to workplaces around the world. Here's our coverage of a complex and important topic…

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Shut Up or Speak Up – Part 1

By Graham Williams & Justin Kennedy Some workplaces are caring, fair and reliable. Employees know that they are appreciated, belong and are free to express themselves. They can safely engage and contribute their views and concerns without any fear of adverse consequences or of being ignored. They find satisfaction and…

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Behavior drives Change

How do you manage the constant change projects going on in your organization or with clients? If you're like most leaders, consultants, and organizations, you focus on change as a single project, on tools and templates, and you rely on scattered data to measure if the change works. The view…

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