Marcella Bremer MScBA is an author and consultant. She helps leaders, employees, consultants, and other professionals contribute to a positive workplace. You can check out her personal website.

Positive organizations are better at change, more innovative, competitive, profitable, but also contributing more to the world. If you influence one person, one interaction at a time, you contribute to a positive culture!

Marcella Bremer

She is the co-founder of the culture survey website OCAI online that provides Cameron & Quinn’s validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) online. She works on organizational culture with global clients.

Marcella published “Organizational Culture Change: Unleash your Organization’s Potential in Circles of 10” and her latest book is: “Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive“.

The online Positive Culture Academy on this website focuses on how you can personally contribute to a positive, productive culture in your organization.

Her Leadership & Change blog offers weekly inspiration about positive leadership, culture, and change.

Marcella is a founding member of the Institute for Culturally Adaptive Leadership (ICAL), faculty member of the Academy of Culture Ambassadors, contributor at Culture University, the Berlin Change Days, the International Society for Organization Development & Change (ISODC) and guest blogger at Lead Change Group.

Feel free to connect with Marcella on social media.

What about you?

Are you a Positive Agent as well? Check the Positive Agents Manifesto below. If any of these statements appeal to you, then enroll in this Academy!

Marcella’s Positive Agent Manifesto

  • I choose positivity, with a focus on possibilities.
  • I look to find the positive potential in a situation or a person and amplify what is already working well.
  • I develop and apply kindness and compassion – I aim to bring my best Self forward.
  • I am responsible for my actions and interactions. What I do, matters to the world.
  • I make a difference without needing permission or resources from others.
  • I empower myself and engage with others to work on positive change.
  • I aim to be the change I wish to see.
  • Everyone and everything is connected. Every act contributes to a world and workplaces where all people can thrive.