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Positive Culture Academy

Do you need your team or organization to be more engaged, innovative, competitive, agile, collaborative and productive?

Enroll here to start positive change, regardless of your position, without needing permission or resources. Welcome to all leaders, middle managers, supervisors, team members, consultants, HR professionals, and everyone who collaborates with others!

My book “Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive” describes what positive culture is with easy-to-do Interaction Interventions or Change Circles. You can order the book on Amazon!

This online Positive Culture Academy goes further. The focus is on how you can personally apply positive leadership in your organization. This is the “How-To” for you and your team, with culture consultant Marcella Bremer. Check out the Curriculum or download the PCA-leaflet-2018 (pdf) right away.

Self-paced or in a Class

The next class starts September 17,  2018. A class might be helpful if you want more support. Enroll now and join the Academy at your own pace, or wait for the class to start together with others. You can download the Autumn class schedule here.

Academy for Teams

Doing this Academy with your team or making it available to the leaders in your organization is very effective. You can expect accelerated learning and application of the tools to fit the specifics of your team or organization. Please email us how many people would need access and we’ll send you a proposal. Let us know if you’d like to add online private consulting for your team. Develop more positivity and productivity!

Here’s what others say about the Academy:

“I like the easy style and manageable chunks. The Academy is thought provoking, refreshing, and energizing.”
Frances Clayton, Change Manager, Middle-East

“This Academy is very actionable. I appreciate the personal preparation work.”
Crystal Sittser, Manager Internal Controls, USA

“High quality content delivered in digestible bits. Inspiring!”
Vadivu Govind, Consultant, Singapore

“The videos are good and the checklists make me think about what I can apply. This Academy is motivating, thoughtful, applicable.”
Dolores Fabregas, Regional sales manager, USA

“This Academy is based on research and practical. The questions form an excellent checklist to diagnose a situation and find paths for change. Very insightful.”
Claude Emond, Management Consultant, Canada

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Check out the Curriculum. Imagine what you could do if you developed a more positive culture!